'Burren Fairy' oils 51 x 61cm

'Burren Fairy' oils 51 x 61cm

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Burren Fairy (Protectress of the Burren)


It is said that she protects the Burren. She loves music and play’s enchanted tunes while visiting sacred sites and fairy haunts. In these enchanted places where wild herbs grow she creates fairy potions.  Through meditation, ritual and connection she is transformed into the beings of light and beauty that the Sidhe wish us to be.

In Celtic myth the Hazel is a magic tree. In nature it is seen as feminine. Autumn’s Hazel moon represents the wisdom of the Goddess, the growing wisdom that gradually turns from living Mother to a wise old Crone.

Hazel is also the Celtic tree for those born between 5th August and 1st September.

Divining rods: used to find both water and ley energy are usually hazel. The wood from the Hazel was thought to be sacred to poets and was thus a taboo fuel on the hearth.