'Áine Celtic Moon goddess' oils on Canvas

'Áine Celtic Moon goddess' oils on Canvas

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Áine is also known as the Fairy Queen of Munster Ireland.

(Fairy Queen of Munster)

Celtic moon goddess,   Aine of Knockane

Tomás O’Maoldomhnaigh.

Goddess of love and fertility; also known as the Fairy Queen of Munster. She encouraged human love, but was of course opposed to rape and the forceful nature of love. Aine was also known as a goddess of fertility in that she had control and command over crops and animals. She was known to have made a magical vow to never sleep with a man of grey hair. She was able to hold this vow even after her sister strove to sabotoge her by way of her lover Fionnis.

Other Names:    Aine Marina, Aine of Knockaine.

Father: Eogalail

Lover: King Aillel Olim, Fionnis

Children: Geroid Iarla

Siblings: Miluchrach

Festivals: Midsummer's Eve

Planets: Sun, Moon

Animals: Red Mare, Rabbit, Swan

Element: Air

Moon Goddess of  Munster, Patroness of crops and cattle. She gave the Meadowsweet its scent. Connected with the midsummer festival. May be identified with Anu.